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Kimberley's July Fest Bocce Tournament has been know as a coulourful and entertaining event over the last 20+ years, and this year is no exception.


Join us for a tournament of simple rules and full of laughs.


Registration Closes July 7, 2024

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Bocce equipment consists of one (1) pallino (usually white), eight (8) bocce balls (four red and four green) and a measurement device. The match shall begin with the flip of a coin. The winner of the coin flip has the honor of the first toss of the pallino.

The pallino may be tossed any distance as long as the pallino passes the center line and is within “stick limits” of the side and back walls. If a player fails a valid toss of the pallino after one attempt, the opposing team has a chance to toss the pallino.

The player who successfully tossed the pallino, throws the first bocce ball with the objective of placing it as close to the pallino as possible. If the bocce ball hits the back wall it is removed from play for that frame and that team must roll again until a bocce ball is put in play. Once a bocce ball has been put in play, the player steps aside and his team does not roll again until the opposing team has either rolled one of its bocce balls closer to the pallino or has rolled all its bocce balls.

The team whose bocce ball is closest to the pallino is called “inside” and the opposing team “outside.” Whenever a team gets inside, it steps aside and lets the outside, the other team, roll. The outside team rolls until its bocce ball rests inside the opposing team’s ball. Play continues until both teams have rolled all their bocce balls. This constitutes a “frame.” Only one team may score per frame. The team that scored in the frame has the honor and tosses the pallino to begin the next frame.

Player movements are limited by the foul line. The player may step on but not over the foul line before rolling the pallino or bocce ball.

In the interest of safety, tossing the bocce ball in the air beyond the center of the court is never allowed.

Only the inside team scores. One point is given for each ball of the inside team that is closer to the pallino that any ball of the opposing team.

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